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Ken has been awarded The Northern Enterprise Award for Nature Photographer of the Year (North West). (Click on Image to read article)

Nature Photographer of the Year article

November 2020
After many hours of burning the midnight oil and early mornings, kelimages finally a secure website for payment etc It is not simple to change to a secure site but with the help of Emma of Robinson Designs and a multitude of emails to jumpline.com the process is completed if you click on the lock on top left you see that this is the case. The reason for his site to be secure is in the future Ken is hoping to offer Credit Card payment alongside Paypal which he uses now.

What a year it's been with very little business due to Covid-19, but Ken has been out with his Canon G10 on local walks in the last couple weeks before the new lockdown. Ken has been Informed that he has been named. Nature Photographer of Year 2020 in the North West this is for his Nature Images on his website. It's been late coming, better late than never.


His business went into hyper drive, which was a blessing in disguise and kept his mind of negative thoughts, there were no time for tours, just a few one day shoots, and lots of sales of his many products.


At the end of August the 31st saw Ken’s only son Paul Francis Lewis passed away after 8 years of Mental Health problems , Ken and his family where devastated If you listen to the song Starry Starry Night you will understand. To this present day when he looks at his picture and he says to him self what a waste of a beautiful human being. Sleep the long sleep PF.


In June Ken was off on a nature tour to the Island of Islay with his long standing photo friend Robert Devenish for one week, the weather was set fair what could go wrong? a lot!
They had their sights set on Hen Harriers and Maritime Otters. They were told by the RSPB warden that Harriers were behind with incubation and were not hutting much. Ken called this the Lewis luck. In fairness we did see them most days but weere unable to capture them on the wing.
As for Otters again we saw them but always a long way away. They decided to visit the Island of Jura and while waiting for the ferry Ken got out of the 4x4 to look for them , a large dog Otter was swimming away just 10 foot away but he had no camera not even a mobile phone. It’s the Lewis luck again.
The next day they both staked out the this location for the hole day but the Otter never appeared and that was that, “ it is what it is” apparently Otters only active feeding and bathing in fresh water for two hours a day, which is a small window of opportunity for a shot.
They decided to go on Wildlife Tour with Garry for the day and it turned out to be waste of their time and money, what they did see was just dot on the Horizon.
Kens favourite mammals our Brown Hares were spread all over the Island, they used the 4x4 with scrim netting on the windows to break up their profiles, they managed some evening sweet light GSO’s and using this technique Ken managed the shot of the week with a Meadow Pipit with lots of insects in it’s beak, Robert missed this one he was on the wrong side of his the vehicle, “ he was not a happy bunny “


Early June has been booked for a week on the Island of Islay Scotland. Ken is hoping to capture on camera Hen Harriers hunting, and Golden Eagles souring on the thermals, and if he is really lucky he may encounter a maritime Otter. Islay has one of the highest population of Hen Harriers in the UK thanks to the sterling work by the RSPB with simple land management. Last year there were six pairs of Harriers on Islay and between them they raised 20 chicks. In the whole of England there were just three pairs of Hen Harriers. It is estimated that there is enough habitat in England for at least three hundred pairs but due to greedy land owners who will not tolerate Hen Harriers on their grouse moors or any other wildlife that might affect their lucrative income. This is a National scandal. “ YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE “ are day will come.

In the Spring Ken is hoping to photograph at the RSPB Reserve at Minsmere. Target species, Stoats, Weasels and Avocets on the many scrapes.




This was a sad milestone year for Ken. After many years of using his motorhomes to travel the length and breadth of this wonderful island he sold his brand new motorhome which was a Swift. Although they gave Ken a lot of pleasure and an opportunity for business, the problem was that they were constantly breaking down and not reliable.
Photographically, the highlight of this year was covering the International Clipper Race which started in the River Mersey and will finish in 2018 in Liverpool. It was a great photographic opportunity. Ken has a Clipper  Race Limited Edition dibond print 71 cm x 54 cm in Dee Fine Arts, Heswall.

March 2016

Ken was off to Gibraltar for a week in the spring. His target species were birds of prey on migration across the Straits of Gibraltar, but due to unfavourable wind conditions the migration was not taking place. So Ken, turned his attention to the colony of Barbary Macaques and he also had several boat trips photographing common and bottle nosed dolphins. It was not the best time of the year, July being the most optimum time. He did manage some good images though.


October 2015

October saw Ken working on the Great Orme in Llandudno. His target species were cashmere goats rutting and the rare elusive Choughs. Due to a warm autumn the former was not happening, but he got some good behavior shots anyway. He also achieved a first with some very usable flight shots of Choughs and Kestrels.

September 2015

High pressure was well in charge and Ken was off in his new motorhome. At last the weather looked settled which is what he needed. He was off to a beautiful part of the country, St David’s in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. He booked in with the Thousand Island jet boat which takes you out to the Celtic Deep an area of sea twenty miles off the coast of St David’s. What a spectacle this was. He was surrounded by diving gannets and common dolphins. It was difficult to know where to point the camera. He also had a day on Ramsey Island which is an RSPB reserve. In his own words “I have never seen so many raptors in one area as there were on Ramsey Island. Well worth a day out”


May 2015

May saw the magnificent 3 Queens visit the Port of Liverpool for the 175th anniversary of the Cunard celebrations. They included Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and last but not least, Queen Victoria. What a stunning day it turned out to be with estimated crowds of one and a half million to see this once in a lifetime extravaganza, and yes of course, Ken was there and got a fabulous image of all 3 with the Red Arrows crossing the Mersey. In Ken’s words and I quote, “It’s been the most lucrative image Ken has ever taken in all his career as a Freelance Photographer”.


March 2015

Spring - the spring started very poor with all his locations he usually visits, ie, Marshside, Carr Mill Dam were drawing photographically poor results. I conclude it was due to strong cool winds which held up breeding season.

October 2014

Ken headed to St Davids in his Hymer motorhome.   The tour was to photograph Common Dolphins leaping and interacting in the Celtic deep offshore, but again the weather thwarted his ambitions.   But it is penciled in for next year

Early Autumn September - Gannets at Bass Rock

After a failed first attempt to photograph the Gannets due to adverse weather conditions, ie, gale force winds.  With two of Ken’s photographic friends, Carol and Robert, Ken once again headed north of the border to North Berwick, Scotland.   This trip turned out to be the piece de resistance of Ken’s year.  He booked a landing on the island of Bass Rock with the Scottish Sea Bird Centre and on the return trip to Dunbar he did an hour of intensive chumming.  In Ken’s own words, “It was truly stunning to see hundreds of Gannets diving for the fish just feet away from the fishing boat”.  This will be an annual event I am sure for Ken.

Summer July 2014

Ken was given a media pass by Liverpool City Council to cover the 3 Giants visit to Liverpool.  It was a 4 day event which he covered photographically.  The 3 larger than life marionettes operated by the Grand de Luxe Company of Nantes brought into Liverpool millions of visitors to watch this spectacular street theatre extravaganza.   From the images that Ken achieved he has made a montage of all 3 marionettes which can be purchased on the site. 

Spring 2014 March to May

Ken visited one of his favourite locations on Merseyside which is Carr Mill Dam.  It is probably  one of the finest locations in the UK  to photograph Great Crested Grebes.

He managed an image which has been on his wish list for many a year.  After mating the male leaps off the female which is pretty spectacular and this image was achieved at last.  Also, a series of “Ahhh” images of the young chicks interacting with their parents.

Kenneth Lewis in the Cairngorms by Robert Devenish
Kenneth Lewis in the Cairngorms by Robert Devenish

It’s official!  Kelimages is 10 years old

Ken’s vision was to give himself an interesting lifestyle organisation, mainly photographing British wildlife and landscapes.  This he has achieved  tenfold.  

April 2012 (Spring) saw Ken at Carr Mill Dam In Lancashire.  His intention was to record photographically the breeding cycle of Great Crested Grebes.   He went once a week for 3 months.   This gave Ken some stunning images - these can be checked out in the British Collection.

June 2012 found Ken at one of his favourite locations Marshside (RSPB) just outside Southport.  The water levels were higher than usual, the “British Monsoon” had arrived, which did affect the quality of the shots.

July 2012 saw Ken at the Cemlyn Lagoons on Anglesey.   He managed several trips to this enigmatic place.   Using his skills at high speed photography, he was rewarded with some great images.   His target species at this location is mainly Terns fishing, which included Arctic, Sandwich and Common Terns. 

August 2012 saw Ken and Mrs E on a 7 day tour of the Solway Firth in his much loved Hymer motorhome.  Apart from one horrendous wet day the weather was reasonable.  He achieved some good fauna and landscape pictures.   

September 2012 saw Ken and his long standing friend Robert on a tour of the east coast of Yorkshire and Norfolk.   His first port of call was Bempton Cliffs (RSPB), which is a fantastic place for flight shots of gannets and puffins.  Although it was the end of the breeding season, there were still plenty of photographic opportunities to be had at this location.   4 days into the tour the weather closed in so it was decided to move down into Norfolk, where the weather looked more favourable.   Whilst in Norfolk Ken and Robert visited the Titchwell Hides (RSPB).  The permanent hides had sliding glass windows which made it easy for Ken and Robert to set up their long lenses.   They also managed a day at Pensthorpe which was well worth the effort.

October 2012.   From a chance conversation with an old fishing friend, Ken was directed to a lovely fishery called Kilnsey Park in Wharfedale.  It is a “put and take” fishery in a stunning amphitheatre of limestone.  This location is actually an “SSI” due to its flora content.  Watch this space on this location.

Positive things for 2013.  Ken is planning a spring tour of the southern Lake District taking in the RSPB reserve at Millom in the Duddon Estuary.   It has a colony of Little Terns and they nest opposite a permanent hide on the estuary.  

Another location within his sights is Bees Head (RSPB) on the west coast of Cumbria.   Also Ken has always wanted to photograph Gannets plunge diving for fish around the Bass Rock this a must do for next year.

Positive things to look forward to in 2012

In late 2011, Ken joined The Deeside Naturalists, near Flint, North Wales, which has a membership only access to some great hides overlooking the Dee marshes. These should be good for spring migration shots.

Also, Ken is looking forward to photographing the wildlife on the new Burton RSPB reserve. It will take some time for the water levels to increase to give closer views of the birds, but he sees great prospects at this site.

In May 2012 Ken is hoping to tour Northern Spain in his motorhome, recording the fauna and flora in this green wonderful area of Spain.

September 2011

September was the month of the Cunard Cruise Ships, with two great iconic liners visiting Liverpool. The first one was the Queen Elizabeth, then a week later his favourite the Queen May 2. Stunning images were taken by Ken with the enigmatic Liverpool waterfront as a glorious backcloth. Ken even managed an image with the seasonal harvest moon glowing orange for good measure.

July 2011

This month has been a blur. He was very busy supplying his kelimages products to his many outlets in Liverpool.

June 2011

Early June he paid several visits to his local RSPB reserve, Marshside. It turned out to be a very productive location. He achieved some great images of Avocets, Black-Tailed Godwits.

May 2011

In May Ken embarked on a tour to one of his favourite places in Snowdonia. The tour coincided with BBC Springwatch, who used Ynys-hir ( RSPB) as its base. Ken’s base was in Aberdovey, which is central to the whole of the area. He achieved some great images on this trip, ie, wildlife, scenic landscapes etc. Ken will be putting pen to paper and writing an article for the Practical Motorhome.

Ken was commissioned to take images of aquatic flies at Tal-y-Llyn, but this turned out to be much more difficult than he expected it to be.


Ken has been commissioned to photograph aquatic flies by a fishery in Snowdonia and is hoping that this assignment will coincide with “Springwatch” in the same month. He hopes to stay in this area and write a illustrated article for the Practical Motorhome, Ken plans a 10 day location stay in this wonderful place.

News 2010

Well Ken never made Yellowstone or Norway, due to a much needed new branded product launch in 2010. He introduced three collections of fridge magnets Nature, Liverpool and the Wirral, he also introduced high end Fine Bone China Mugs, which are now selling in his many retail outlets throughout the UK. These products will also be for sale very soon on his website. All Ken's products are manufactured in the UK.

All of these products have taken a toll on his time, although he did manage a two week tour in his motorhome with his long standing photographic friend, Robert and called it Sutherland coast to coast, with landscapes and wildlife in abundance. To find out more about this magnificent tour you can read the story in the June 2011 edition of Practical Motorhome.

Kenneth Lewis on the beach
Kenneth Lewis at work on the beach
Kenneth Lewis's Motorhome
Kenneth Lewis's Motorhome

Last year Ken found a great location photographing terns fishing for sand eels at the Cemlyn Lagoons, Anglesey. He is taking one to one bookings at this location in June and July 2011. The photographic opportunity his students will be using cutting edge high speed photography to a achieve animated images, you can see some of Kens new fishing Tern pictures in the British Collection Gallery.

Things to look forward to in 2010

Ken plans with his wife, Mrs E, to take the motorhome to Norway.

Ken and his photographic friend, Robert, plan to take a trip to Yellowstone Park in the fall, along with wildlife photographer Chris Wallace and his wife, Polly.

Of course, there will be plenty of long weekends away in Great Britain.

What’s been happening at kelimages 2009

As Ken puts together the details for 2009 in November, which he usually does annually, he looks back, having had a great year working with local businesses, which afforded him some great opportunities. The Elddis motorhome was traded in (thank goodness) for a Hymer 514 Classic, which is much more comfortable and makes his many tours of these great British Islands even more pleasurable.

May - Ken headed for the Derbyshire Dales and he found a little nugget in the guise of The Chestnut Centre, Chapel en le Frith. They have a pair of young Giant Otters, male and female, in a purpose built pond. They have given Ken some great photo opportunities using cutting edge technology of the Canon EOS system. Well worth a visit in the spring, summer and autumn, perhaps with Ken on a One to One.

June - a 2 weeks tour using the new motorhome as his mode of transport and accommodation, with Mrs E. They visited Dorset, Devon and Cornwall and yes, they were lucky, the weather was set fair for this tour. The highlight photographically was a day photographing Sandwich Terns on the shingle bank in Poole Harbour. They also visited The Swannery, just outside Weymouth. This is also a great photo opportunity.

August/September - Ken took local images of the Wirral and of course, the wonderful city of Liverpool. Ken has several new images taken in 2009, one being the panorama of the Liverpool waterfront, the other, the new Pier Head with the new canal system in the foreground.

October - saw Ken illustrating an article in a well known national Sunday newspaper with his giant otter images. He was also interviewed by Colin Sykes for BBC One news programme, North West Tonight, just for good measure. As they say he had his 15 seconds of fame at last.

November - Ken has designed 2010 calendars of Liverpool and the Wirral which are selling well in all of his many outlets.

Things to look forward to in 2009
Ken is planning a trip in 2009, to the Highlands possibly in April. His target species will be Capercaillie and Black Grouse and of course the enigmatic, Osprey.
Ken is planning an advanced photographic one to one next year to photograph this magnificent bird in the Highlands.

In the spring Ken had his photographic tutorial skills well honed for two day and one day "one to ones" with photographers wanting to learn more about nature and landscape photography, which of course Ken specialises in. Ken states that he likes the very personal interaction this brings with his student photographers.
In late May, Ken and his long standing photographic friend Robert, spent two weeks in the Aviemore area in the Highlands, using his motorhome as a base. The area is packed with photographic opportunities. The highlight of the trip was photographing ospreys catching trout with their razor sharp talons.
His highland tour coincided with the BBC Springwatch series, with one of his favourite wildlife photographers Simon King.

Dare we say was the start of Ken's love affair with the Yorkshire Dales. Ken made many motorhome trips into the honeypot of the Dales Villages. What it lacks in lakes, it more than makes up for in gorgeous rivers, with the River Wharfe, Wharfedale, being Ken's favourite. The river being 5 minutes from the "chocolate box" village of Grassington.

Well Ken made it to the Burren and managed the Connemara National Park for good measure. His tour of these two areas was published in the Practical Motorhome. But the highlight of Ken's year was the birth of his two grand daughters, Ella and Evie, on 22 August 2007. Two gifts from God!

Things to look forward to in 2007
A tour to the West Coast of Ireland and the Burren. Another trip to Menorca. Possible trip to Royal Deeside, Scotland, long weekends to the Lakes, the Lleyn Peninsula and last but not least the marriage of his son Paul, to Becky in August.

October 2006
A quick winter sun staying on the island of Menorca. Ken got some great images on his first ever trip to this biosphere island.

End of May 2006
Off again to the Outer Hebrides. This trip has been on the back burner for a long time. Ken achieved some great nature images and landscapes and has just written an article for the Practical motor home which he hopes will be published in 2007.

Early May 2006
Off in the motor home wild camping with his friend Robert. The highlight of the week was a trip to Fingals Cave and Lunga for the Puffins. Ken has just had his first article on Mull for the Practical Motorhome published in the December issue.

January 2006
In January Ken captured an image of the Liverpool waterfront that he has been after for many years. It inspired him so much that he went on to do a whole new collection of images of Liverpool, which took him 7 months to achieve.

Things to Look Forward to in 2006
Ken hopes to go back to Wild shots early next year. Always great people to work with, Peter and Mark. Possibly a trip to Mull and the Outer Hebridean Islands in his new motor home.
Spring, he hopes to go back with landscape photographer Robert Devenish, to the Vanoise National Nature Reserve in the French Alps for Alpine snow pictures and fauna and flora.

December 2005
December saw Ken and Eileen purchasing a new motor home. This will allow Ken to be more flexible when looking for new photo opportunities and also help to keep costs to a minimum.

November 2005
November, off to Spain again for a short break in the enigmatic city of Barcelona. Lots of illustrative shots for magazine articles and stock photography. Penciled in again for next year.

October 2005
October saw Ken off on his annual autumn colour trip to the Lakes again in his 4X4 and caravan. Lots of pictorial images this time with the light changing all the time, well worth the time spent there.

June 2005
June saw Ken's beautiful daughter, Allyson, married in Pathos, Cyprus. Ken may have lost his daughter to Craig Pryce, but he gained a fly fishing friend for life. We are so proud of them both.

May 2005
May saw Ken off to the Alpujarra, Andalusia, Spain. Ken stayed in a traditional Moorish farmhouse, at 3500 feet, surrounded by almond groves as far as the eye could see. He found this large area full of illustrative images, which will be used to illustrate an article for the Spanish Magazine, Alamy etc.
End of May saw him off again to the Lake District, some nice landscapes achieved on this trip.

Ken was given a commission to photograph his local village, Port Sunlight, for The Lady Lever Art Gallery. He got some great commercial images which have been used since for cards and calendars.

October 2004
This year, for the first time, images are being supplied to www.alamy.com photographic library as well as www.images-of-france.com.

September 2004
New location in Cheshire photographing fallow deer rutting - a fascinating thing to see, let alone photographing these enigmatic mammals.

July 2004
Off in the caravan to Looe, Cornwall to do some stock photography for Alamy. The Eden Project was a great photographic opportunity and some of the fishing villages such as Fowey and Mevagissey were great for stock pictures.

May 2004
Off again - "its' tough" - to the Queyras Regional Park in France. Lots of snow pictures and floral images, with a helping of pictorial landscapes for good measure.

December 2003
Off to Paris to shoot Paris at Christmas for Images Of France. It was cold but gorgeous lighting prevailed on this trip - a great photographic opportunity. I will return.

October 2003
October found Kenneth off to the Highlands care of Virgin Trains to Kingussie, Scotland, to work with Mark Hamblin and Pete Cairns on British Owls, in controlled conditions. This turned out to be an excellent photographic shoot. Kenneth has pencilled in a return trip in the spring of 2004 to do British raptors.

July 2003
The highlight of his photographic year was the grand tour of the Mercantour National Park, in the South of France. Days of wall to wall nature photography.
On Kenneth's wish list was to capture a shot of an ibex. This was achieved in the valley of the Madonna de Fenestre. This year he was also shooting for images-of-france.com, a photographic library in London. All the photographic work was of a reportage style and all images were taken with the D30 digital camera.

March 2003
March and April this year saw Kenneth working in one of his favourite locations, Landican Cemetery, just 10 minutes from his home. Lots of new hare pictures, but none boxing this year.

January 2003
The New Year and winter is a good time to photograph at Formby, owned by the National Trust. The squirrels at this time of year are in winter coats and with long ear tufts make a lovely subject to photograph. This year was no exception.

November 2002
Kenneth was working on obtaining more fungi images at Ainsdale, the English Nature Reserve, always a good place in the autumn for fungi.

October 2002
September and October: the Tour to the West coast of Scotland was a great success, using Sheild Bridge as a base with a number sorties on to Skye. Red Stags, Common seals, Lots of Gray Herons and shore birds, plus some stunning Landscapes. The British weather let us down again but that's just normal. 'I could live there', said Ken.

July 2002
Kenneth is preoccupied arranging a 4x4 and caravan for a tour of the Scottish Highlands in September - British weather is a pain.

June 2002
Off again (life is difficult!). This time on a tour of the French National Parks, starting with the Ecrins and several others with Landscape Photographer Robert Devenish (our guide for the two weeks). Lots of flora and some fauna and with great landscape as a bonus. Kenneth's lack of altitude fitness was put to the test (and failed!). It was also very hot and sunny... a return journey is pencilled in for 2003

May 2002
Kenneth left for a two week tour of Lesvos, resulting in some superb images of Bee-eaters displaying on territory, also a great shot of a Great Reed Warbler singing also on territory. Lesvos is a wonderful island and the native people are very welcoming.

April 2002
Spring saw Kenneth Edward Lewis working on the River Conway at a nest site of Dippers and Gray Wagtails. The shoot produced a nice picture of a Dipper with larva in it's beak. It was a difficult shoot because of the low lighting, and use of flash was unsuitable.

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